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Space Nation  - Online Services

Space Nation - Online Services

Veikkaus.fi - AI Personalization

Veikkaus.fi - AI Personalization

EnerKey — User-Focused Data Visualisation for Energy Management

EnerKey — User-Focused Data Visualisation for Energy Management

Design Systems

With Design Systems you speed up the development of your customer experience, increase your productivity and reduce the costs of service creation.

Living Design Systems help teams to share ideas,  develop design patterns and build new interfaces super-fast. By making designs modular and re-usable, common problems are solved only once. Product teams can concentrate on new challenges rather than solving the old problems  over and over again.

Product Design and Development

We design digital services and products to ensure your customers enjoy a high quality user experience.

The key to our success is the way we combine innovation with customer insights and the most relevant tools and design methods. With our considerable design talents, agile ways of working and our understanding of continuously evolving technologies, we have the know-how to solve complex design challenges in everything from UX to visual and service design.

Design Sprints and Workshops

Test your great ideas before long-term investment.

We run design sprints and intensive workshops to help you to test your ideas quickly and with real users. Design sprints enable to you to quickly decide if your idea is ready for development or if more design is needed. They give instant results and immediate feedback - saving you time and resources.


Embrace digitalization and serve your customers on different platforms, anywhere, anytime, with great, native-level UX.

We pioneered modern cross-platform technologies like HTML5, AngularJS and ReactJS, and the developers here at Intergalactico boast an extensive track record of building business-critical applications that have increased digital sales and lowered customer service costs across industries.


Elisa Design System Co-created with Intergalactico

We had the pleasure to be a part of the Design Systems Conference in Helsinki on 14th March 2018, and we're happy to share our thoughts on it!


The core part of our design and development process is agile delivery. With Intergalactico you can expect fast delivery, fast validation, and fast iterations. We all know agile and most of us are certified Scrum Masters, too.