How digitalization successfully lands on a construction site


Raksanappi provides construction site foremen an effortless way to order roll-offs (truck-delivered platforms that store construction waste) deliveries and pickups for the construction site using a mobile web app.

Clients at construction sites were using Raksanappi as their only channel for placing orders.
— Ville Simola, Head of Digital Channels at L&T


Before Raksanappi, all orders were handled over phone which resulted in much wasted time for client when they waited online to place their order. Taking in phone orders was also ineffective for the L&T customer service.

The goal of Raksanappi was to create a service that removes the constraints of place and time from the process and allow the foremen make orders whenever, wherever. No more waiting on telephone line!

There’s no need to dial in the center, dial in several buttons and wait for someone to pick up the call. When I make the orders on my phone, I always get what I want without a hassle.
— Janne Kivivirta, Skanska


We approached the challenge presented by L&T using a 5 Day Design Sprint. During five busy days, we went through business modelling, concept design, and prototyping. We concluded the week with a prototype of the service. This concretization was developed further after the sprint using synchronized design and development sprints.

During the design sprints, we made several visits to construction sites where the service would be used and talked to the people who would use it. By observing the process of making orders and what goes around it in real environments, we were able to establish a clear vision of what the future service should be like.


The interface design was mobile-first. It was acknowledged from the start that a smartphone is the touchpoint that users will always have with them and which the service must be built upon. Of course we made sure that the user experience would be equally fulfilling on tablet and desktop devices as well.

To ensure the delivery of expected customer value at full, a closed pilot or an alpha service was launched just few months after the initial design sprint. Ten construction sites operated by the biggest client companies participated in the pilot. The pilot proved the concept successful and the design and development took off and followed the path to successful product launch the next year!


  • Up to 50% adoption rate in two years
  • Customer service efforts remarkably reduced
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • More predictability for the order and fulfilment processes
Our customers have been waiting this for a long time! Many say that this is the biggest thing they’ve seen in a while. This allows our end-users to place order from their home couch 9pm in the evening if they feel like it!
— Laura Kemppainen, Sales at L&T