Creatives with Superpowers

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The origin of our superhuman strength is in the public cloud, where yesterday’s science fiction is today’s pre-made component. With this superpower we imagine and create a better digital future for everyone. This is cloud-powered design.

What we do


with Design Sprints

Design sprints turn your ideas into prototypes quickly, allowing you to test them with real people. We uncover hidden insights and co-create innovative concepts to delight your customers.


Digital Products and Services

We combine innovative thinking with customer and business insights, and apply the most relevant cloud-powered design and delivery methods. We can deliver everything from early concepts to final code and pixel perfect visuals.


with Design Systems

Design systems turn your designs modular and reusable. They save time, decrease costs and provide a unified user experience for your customers. With design systems, old problems are solved only once, leaving time for new challenges instead.

Some of the brands we work with

Want to join our team?

The core part of our design and development process is agile delivery in the cloud. Many of us are certified Scrum Masters, too. With Intergalactico you can expect fast delivery, fast validation, and fast iterations.

Open positions