How to build a Design system as a team


How to build a Design system as a team


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A half day Design Systems workshop for developers and designers covering topics from naming patterns to establishing processes on how to manage your system in production.

During this workshop, we’ll take the participants through a set of exercises. Each exercise exposes a problem teams usually face when working with design systems. Hosts and participants will share their experience of the subject, discuss possible solutions and outline best practices. All to empower participants to champion smooth and successful building and managing of design systems.


Antti Salo

Antti Salo is a designer and an advocate for design systems with hands on experience in developing component based systems for large organisations. Currently focused in curating design in a development oriented organisation, he’s always eager to unearth fresh layers of communication.

Varya Stepanova

Varya Stepanova is a design systems specialist with a long history working in fields of component-focused UI design and development, creating helpful tooling for the subject and spreading the practices across large organisations. Nowadays her focus is to apply design approaches to the field of front-end development and encouraging cooperative work in organisations with many teams.

Time: 18th of October 2018, 2pm – 6pm
Place: 10 Bloomsbury way, WC1A 2SL, London

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